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Photo taken with a Pixel 7a by my collegue Jessica Milbern, and digital edited by Andrés Arará.

About Me

When I was a child I wanted to be an inventor as the Disney Comic character Gyro Gearlose. I still keep this spirit running experiments joyfully and testing products and ideas from highly creative companies across the Globe. And guess what! I’m always giving ideas beyond my dutties!

Trough the course of my career I’ve created digital content, defined information architectures and ran several user research studies to make software and hardware products easier and happier to use. 

  • My journalism background gave me the empathetic skills to connect humanly with people’s live stories and impulse social change.
  • My obsession with learning and sharing it brought me as a speaker to multiple countries and put me as practitioner vice-chair SIGCHI Latam
  • My roles as Director of UX teams and products, provided me a holistic vision of the importance of the people who make products.

When I’m not analyzing people’s interactions with things, I’m playing singing bowls and moving energies with my musician husband and Zommie our cat. 

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My Experience

years working on the UX field
years fully dedicated to Qualitative UX Research
professionals trained across 5 countries
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startups mentored in early stage
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    La semana pasada descubrí con muchísima vergüenza que la supuesta democratización de la educación me aterroriza, sobretodo si viene empaquetada como hamburguesas, y varia su precio si se le añade soda y papas fritas.Es casi ridículo, inadmisible e impensable que esté diciendo esto, pues soy alguien que se considera nativa digital y casi toda mi expertise […]
  • UX is not UI, the slide. October 25, 2018
    Because two images are better than 1000 tweets, I just did this:

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